November 2011

Successful interactions! Video Interaction Guidance Dr Greg Pasco who works at the Centre for Research into Autism and Education has been taking a look at a new book on this promising approach. More

Chemical Cosh? Thought the drugs were a thing of the past? From LSD to Cannabis, there have always been those determined to ‘treat’ autism with pills and potions. But that’s history surely? Nope. The number of children and young people in the UK being given antipsychotic medication for things like autism and ADHD has doubled in the last ten years. More

Brothers and sisters need support Not enough practical and emotional support is provided to siblings. They have a vital role to play but don’t always get the practical and emotional help they need. More

Care cuts should go Mrs Justice Lang said on Friday 11th November 2011 that plans by Isle of Wight council to cut its adult social care budget – so that assistance would go only to people deemed at critical risk – should be quashed. More

Other minds Understanding why people with autism have difficulties meeting the demands of the social world is one step nearer knowing how to help. Researchers have been focussing on what they call “Theory of Mind” differences in people with ASC to see how much they explain about autism as a whole. Take a look at this article from Caltech.

Positive Behaviour Support This little booklet from BILD is pretty neat. If you work in a school and want to learn more about this approach read our book review. More

Autism stars It seems that the media has a new love. Yup - autism. Seems like every TV show just has to have a character with autism in it lately. From soapy to serious, people with ASC are in it! Good thing? Of course (when they get it right). So to research the phenomena I went to Google (other search engines are available) and found this article from 2010. Worth a read. More

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