September 2016

Art spectrum Niam Jain doesn't speak much. But ever since the 13-year-old picked up a paintbrush last summer, he's found a way to express himself, and the art world is listening More

Great courses Here’s a range of autism training opportunities to suit everyones needs. Use the summer months to plan which workshop is for you. More

Stand up for autism Like many stand-up comics, John Williams wanted to talk about his family in his show – but his son has autism. He explains why it’s OK to laugh during his act More

Pokémon Go Released in the UK in earlier this month, is played by users walking around the real world to catch virtual Pokémon animals. It appears the game's mix of real and virtual reality has helped to break down many of the social barriers autistic people feel when they are out in public More

Female fact there is growing evidence that more girls and women have the condition than was originally thought and that it is being significantly under-diagnosed. More

Thinking sleep Cognitive behavioral therapy is a short-term form of therapy that focuses on changing how a person thinks about and reacts to specific situations. Research seems to suggest it is effective with sleep problems in autism. More

More mental health Families of people with autism have expressed concern about a lack of research and specialism into treating mental illness. Four out of five people with the condition will suffer from mental health problems at some point in their lives More

Tough job Microsoft wants autistic coders. Can it find them and keep them? Job interviews can be especially hard if you're autistic. A Microsoft effort aimed at a wider spectrum of the workforce wants to solve that More

Autism creates Research has long shown a link between certain neurological conditions and artistic skills, which comes as no surprise to some creative directors. More

Finding friends When Bob Cornelius went to his youngest son's back-to-school night, he stopped to admire their projects displayed on the wall. He spotted his little boy's assignment and hurriedly snapped a proud photo of the completed questionnaire. However, when Bob took a second look at the image later that night, he realized something heartbreaking. More

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August 2014

Stand up if you have Aspergers Now he’s a stand-up comedian, Robert White is happier and says it's far easier to understand than an average office situation. He says: "On stage, I can make jokes in the context of making jokes. Saying the same things at work was perceived as a misunderstanding of the social situation and seen as inappropriate." More

Digging deep Sick to death of hearing about mobs and endermen, villagers and zombies? What are we talking about? Minecraft of course. It’s rapidly becoming something of a phenomenon in the world of autism. More

Van plan Drexel University are taking diagnosis to the community - in a van! Knowing how some of our kids react to hospital this has to be a good plan. More

Long diagnostic ordeal
In the past two decades, autism’s prevalence has increased by more than 600 percent. Although autism manifests early in development, the average age of diagnosis in the U.S. continues to hover stubbornly above 4 years. More

Positive approaches/language please What is it about the media (and others) who insist on using language that demonises autism? Here’s an article in the NY Times no less telling us how $15K worth of ABA will “Beat Autism”. More

Crime novel pays A novel about a student with Asperger's syndrome who investigates a murder has won a top crime writing award. More

Power of community World Autism Community is an amazing social network for parents of children on the Autism Spectrum. More

Bullying policy made easy Need help developing anti-bullying policy? Here is some really helpful guidance. More

Behaviour help at hand This guide is for parents who are worried about their child’s behaviour. Your child may be beginning to develop some behaviour that challenges you, or may already have behaviour that challenges. More

Play style When free to choose, kids with autism pick games that engage their senses and avoid games that ask them to pretend, a new study finds. More

...all this and more at our Big Autism Play Day in January.

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May 2012

Depressing news Could depression in young adults with Asperger syndrome be as high as 70%? A report from the University of Gothenburg seems to suggest this might be the depressing reality. More

Stand up and be counted Asperger's Are Us are a comedy group with a penchant for the absurd. How can a guy made of bubble wrap get someone pregnant? More

... Check out the
video of the “pregnant” sketch it’s a hoot

A question of the mind There is a heated debate taking place in France. It’s a news story that involves psychoanalysts, autism and a crocodile. Take a look at this BBC report and then watch the video at the heart of the controversy (don’t miss the crocodile - it is unbelievable and maddening!) Video

Talent If you haven’t seen the video of 6 year old Ethan Walmark (who has autism) playing the Billy Joel classic Piano Man you must be the only person who hasn’t. It’ gone viral! More

Undiscovered workforce Why is there such a high rate of unemployment among people on the autism spectrum? Smells like discrimination to me! More

... at the Danish company
Specialisterne , not fitting in is a good thing. The traits that usually exclude people with autism from the labour market are the very traits that make them valuable employees. More

Little bookshop - big titles you can order the best books on autism right here

Sensory approaches to autism We have teamed up with Hirstwood Training to bring you a winning package. On this one day course you get the lowdown on autism, get great sensory ideas and have a whole lot of fun doing it! More

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