April 2016

Sailing on the spectrum “It's not plain sailing by any means and being a parent of an autistic child while wanting to help your child and going through the process of diagnosis into this unknown world can be, and is, very scary.” Read a great blog by Jo as part of the National Autistic Society - Too Much Information campaign. More

Eye gaze finds New findings about where children with autism look during conversations could lead to changes in programmes designed to help them, researchers say. More

Easy as AAC Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is one of the most important strategies we adopt to help kids and adults with autism, especially with difficult behaviour. Or put it the other way… Good communication strategies really help limit frustration and this has a positive effect on behaviour and happiness! If you missed our webinar then you can watch it on YouTube. More

Great (Sensory) Story Sensory stories are a brilliantly simple resource: they are stories that use concise text, which is great for individuals who struggle to process language. Not having to cope with lots and lots of words means you have more time to focus on and understand their meaning. The stories are usually under ten sentences long. Each sentence is paired with a sensory experience that represents the meaning of the sentence. More

Garden and grow Gardening has the potential to empower those with autism, building their confidence to cope with the outside world. More

Parenting from inside autism For Dena Gassner, a mother of two, being diagnosed with autism at 38 years old was a game-changer. “It doesn’t define me, but it explains me... I’ve been able to see how my autism affects me, and I’ve been able to adapt for it,” she says. More

The E word We may have been wrong about autism and empathy. Or at least explained it poorly. People with autism make moral decisions in a similar manner to those without the condition, according to a new study. Difficulties with certain “mind reading” abilities doesn’t mean folk on the spectrum are without feelings for others! More

No party for students How to help autistic students succeed at university? Campus life can be particularly challenging for those with autism, but there are simple steps academics can take to reduce anxiety and confusion. More

Work waste Globally, the United Nations reckons that 80% of those with autism are not in the workforce.These numbers represent a tragic human toll, as millions of people live isolated from the world of work. More

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April 2012

Assault, battery, degrading and inhumane treatment That’s what the judge said about the Metropolitan Police’s treatment of a boy with autism More

Apps are reaching out The ReacTickles suite of apps, launched in January, uses sound and movement made by the user to change shapes projected on to a wall or displayed on an iPad's screen. More

Not in a house, not with a mouse Read this delightful story of how Dr Seuss got one young person with autism started with language and made his family very, very happy (and tired) More

Work is much more fun than fun Noel Coward had that one right. It is echoed within the TEACCH Program saying, “Work is play and play is work”. What is meant by this is that people with autism generally have an easier time learning to work, which can be structured and organised for them, than they do learning how to play. It is such a crime that they are so regularly excluded from the world of work. Watch this Video about the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador’s work program.

Speaking about autism Sally Bercow (the wife of The Commons Speaker -John Bercow) features in this Guardian video and talks about her son with autism More

Trainers get Training It’s that time of year when autism trainers go wild in the country! What are we talking about? Why our Training for Autism Trainers course in the Cotswolds 24th-25th May More

Power of plants We have featured the art of Justin Canha before in the newsletter - check out his latest exhibition called Carnivorous Plants or watch this video about his work

NHS Choice buddies up Check out real tips from real carers provided by Netbuddy, a site for swapping practical tips and information on all aspects of supporting people with learning difficulties More

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October 2011

Teams should make a NICE difference to diagnosis Guidance published today by NICE recommends that local multidisciplinary autism teams are set up to support healthcare professionals and enable them to work together with schools, social care, the voluntary sector and other key services which can offer useful insight into autism. More

Right from the start Why not express an interest in our diagnosis and assessment event? More

Get Connected If you work in a short break service or you’re a play leader for children with a disability why not join this Lottery funded forum More

What a waste! Yeah I know we’ve used that title before but it’s still true! People with autism all have talents. They are talented often because of their autism not despite it. Yet it’s the very thing that makes them talented that’s keeping them out of employment. Come on World wake up! Take a look at Justin’s story. More

Time on our hands Lack of employment for adults with autism means a whole heap of ‘leisure time’. But unstructured time can be the biggest challenge to folks on the autism spectrum (and their carers!). Take a look at Developing Leisure Time Skills for Persons with Autism. You can read big chunks of it on Google books (free!) so why not dip in and let us know what you think. We have a book review special next month where we will be reviewing this and other resources. Google Books

More Genes No, not another ‘cure’ for autism but a bit more in our ‘explaining the hard stuff about science’ thread. Watch this BBC introduction to the ‘genome’. BBC (apologies if you can’t see this outside the UK).

Goodbye Asperger’s? We have known since Feb 2010 that Asperger’s disorder will probably be incorporated into a new diagnostic category in the new American Psychiatric Association manual (DSM 5). “Autism spectrum disorder” will incorporate the current diagnoses of autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder (not otherwise specified). From time to time we like to do a ‘just for fun’ survey and I thought you might like to give your views on the proposed changes in DSM 5. Survey

Joy in Africa Using her successful beauty business to launch her charitable work Zemi Yunus opened the Joy Centre for Children with Autism and related developmental disorders in Addis Ababa. More

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