December 2011

Hidden potential When it comes to tests of ability, what we see on the surface (performance) isn’t always the best guide to what’s possible (potential). The skill and ability profile in autism is often a complex picture! Take a look at this article about hidden potential. More

Finding friends, making connections
Both things are harder for students on the autism spectrum. It seems that mainstream schools and inclusive practices are still not enabling kids with autism to make social connections. Download article

... So what kind of interventions might get the social/communication ball rolling? Take a look at this video about a naturalistic intervention with toddlers on the spectrum.

When does it start? I’m often asked by folk who attend our training events “when does the autism start - are you born with it?”. Well maybe recent research sheds a little light on a possible answer. More

Timothy syndrome It’s one of the rarest developmental conditions on the planet but people with it often have the communication and social differences associated with autism. Could research into this vanishingly rare condition help us to understand the millions of people worldwide and their version of autism? More

‘No-restraint’ seems to work Restraint free responses to the difficult stuff our people with autism sometimes do is the Holy Grail of human services (or it should be!). Well here’s a school that seems to be making the dream a reality. More

Course cost cut! We have created the opportunity to reduce the charge for parents, carers and people with ASC who attend our training events. In 2012 you’ll only pay 30% of the full price on most of our events. Why not book a place? More

Steering a course round the problems If you are a student with autism and thinking about college and how to survive it this handbook (written by people with ASC) might just help. Download

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