June 2015

Drug free Psychiatric drugs do more harm than good and the use of most antidepressants could be virtually stopped without causing harm, an expert on clinical trials argues in a leading medical journal. More

Friendly advice Making friends can be tricky for kids on the spectrum. More

Connectability The visuals engine will help you build visual supports and sequences for someone you know with autism. More

See it like a parent A really good article from a parental perspective that anyone involved in education should take the time to read. More

Pooch Power Research seems to be in favour of hairy help for folk on the spectrum. More

Feeling difficult Dr. Heather MacKenzie: How to help kids with autism manage their behaviour and emotions. More

Teaching Toddlers Take a look at this online learning resource. More

Sensory simulation What is it like to have autism? People can’t easily describe the sensations, but now a simulator developed at Baylor College of Medicine-Houston offers a peek at the sensory stimuli processed by the brains of people with autism. More

Not autism but needing help A study examining children diagnosed with autism whose social and cognitive symptoms had resolved 4 years later has found that most continued to have emotional and behavioural symptoms that required special educational support. More

And for that reason I’m in The 'dragons' who want to help disabled people start their own business. More

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April 2013

Fancy a chat sometime? The Autism Science Foundation has a regular series of live online chats with the big science types each month. Why not explore? You can replay old chats too. More

Award winning words At last - you can now buy the amazing (and award winning) visual reading resource A Busy Day from our online shop

Measles and more mayhem What with a serious outbreak of measles in South Wales, MMR is back in the news. Dr Wakefield and colleagues are still at it. Does anything ever change? More

What does the future hold? Families affected by autism are still fearful of the future. That’s the message in a new report from the Autistica charity. One father describes the lack of awareness and the “stigmatism and the embarrassment and the social pressure that you find yourself under when you’ve got a child with autism” Report

How many SENCOs does it take to... What do parents think about SENCOs? Interested? Take a look at a recent SEN Magazine article More

Teasing troubles It’s thought that as many as half of all children with ASC get bullied. Take a look at this video that gives youngsters some strategies that might help. More

Include me don't exclude me! Looks like you are way more likely to be excluded if you have special needs. Explore some recent findings More

You can download the Children’s Commissioners report
They Go The Extra Mile

Teach me social Is it possible to teach social skills to children with ASC? Of course it is! Teaching is the missing bridge between autism and success, happiness, independence - you name it! It’s hard work of course and not a quick fix. The ‘hard yards’ I guess. Now I am not normally a massive ABA fan but Michael Friga has some good ideas here More

More robots We haven’t had a “robots can teach kids with ASC” story for a while so here’s one! Children are given robot help to learn how to coordinate their attention with other people and objects in their environment. More

Thanks for the prank here is a great story from the blogger Flappiness is that is sure to make you smile. Proves that “Navigating the World of Early Childhood Autism With One Special Little Boy” makes for a diverse and different life. Let’s call it fun. More

Just accept it Did you know that April is Autism Acceptance Month? No? Well here you go - find out More

Archive Jive There are lots of old newsletters here on our site for you to enjoy. They are a searchable database too - you can use the word cloud near the bottom of the page to focus in on the topics of most interest to you. Try this one for instance Dr Seuss

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July 2011

Wrongly Held Councils in the UK are bracing themselves for hundreds of legal challenges over the detention of vulnerable people after court decision for Steven Neary More

And then what? Choices place different demands on children with autism. The neurological differences in autism can make it hard to know what leads to what. Too much (or the wrong kind of) choice can bring problems. Take a look at this guide

Just like Mum and Dad? There’s a complex pattern of inheritance in autism. It’s unlikely that there is a gene for autism. It’s more likely that there are patterns of genetic differences which increase the likelihood of a child having an autism spectrum condition (ASC). We know too that children with ASC are drawn towards ‘systems’ (and indeed lean on abilities in this area to make sense of the world). Simon Baron-Cohen and Rosa Hoekstra have been looking at IT ‘rich’ areas of the Nederlands to see if there are differences in the prevalence of ASC in school-aged children in those regions. More

The eye of the beholder Can a pair of special specs help folk with autism recognise people and interpret their facial expressions? A Scottish optometrist who developed the lenses thinks they could be “life-changing” More

Someone special Know a big achiever? An individual (or a group) doing great things to inspire and help people with learning disabilities and autism. They could win an ‘Erica’ (and £1000)! A what? How much? More

Download the overload What’s it like to walk down a street when you have autism? This video tries to recreate the sensory overload and attention problems that are part of everyday experience for some people with ASC Video

...and on the subject of sensory check out our amazing multi-sensory tour

Care right The spotlight has been on the care industry and it’s workforce following the Winterbourne investigation. So what is it that workers in care need to be able to do? What should they know? What are the required underpinning values and attitudes? Take a look at the Skills for Care Autism Skills and Knowledge List

Positive Play Meet ‘Auti’ - a toy that addresses speaking, touching, and collaborating skills in children with autism. The toy is a kind of interactive gonk that seems to have done a course on Applied Behaviour Analysis! Watch the video

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March 2011

NICE Guidelines, Care Staff Technologies, Eating Issues, Vetting, Exercise Benefits, Wills and Trusts, Sensory Differences, Living With Autism Exhibition... Read More...

December 2010

Offending, sensory, teaching styles, achievement, care staff shortage, females with ASC, Teamwork and ASC, pharma industry... Read More...