June 2011

That’s what I call positive! AuKids magazine was an idea resulting from a chat between two friends – Tori Houghton, a speech and language therapist, and Debby Elley, a journalist and parent of twins with autism. It’s packed with positive stories and practical advice. Cool. We like it. Magazine

SPARK into life! I have to admit I’m a big Heather MacKenzie fan. That’s the bias out in the open. The Autistic Child’s Guide to How to Behave represents a really new direction in teaching. Heather describes her approach as establishing a ‘positive working alliance with a child’. Sound good? Take a look at our review. We’ve also got a sneak preview to download. More

Neurotypicality A student wrote to me with a question about her essay recently and we got into a discussion about the language around disability and how it can ‘disable’ people further. My brain going sideways and around corners most of the time, (I believe in motor sport it’s called drifting) remembered this. It’s really funny.

Help or Hindrance? Could a clinical diagnosis of ASC ever get in the way of effective teaching and support for learning? At a recent Mindroom conference in Glasgow, Chris Gillberg warned of the ‘dangers’ of an over-narrow diagnosis. What do you think? More

Abuse uncovered A Bristol care home was exposed in a a BBC documentary as secret filming revealed widespread abuse of people with autism. A viewer said on the Panorama blog that ‘it made my heart sore to watch’ More

...and in the US, the ‘Electric Shock School’ (Judge Rotenberg Centre, Boston) carries on despite losing its pioneer, Matthew Israel. Students wear backpacks around the clock with electric generators inside them, and are zapped using remote control devices controlled by their ‘carers’. In some cases, they are shocked as often as 30 times a day.

Prove it! Researchers of interventions in autism have a problem. It’s really difficult to get a conclusive ‘association’ between treatment (or intervention) and effect (or outcome).The ‘problem’ has meant that there’s a gap where the evidence is needed to guide practitioners and professionals in terms of useful approaches. Take a look at this study involving pre-schoolers and TEACCH. More

And the winner is... In an ‘Oscars’ style showdown between the main autism therapies and approaches the ‘Son-Rise™ Programme’ took the top honours. At the Autism One/Generation Rescue National Conference over 4000 votes were cast in the shoot out between the interventions. Take a look at what Research Autism has to say about Son-Rise™.

My kinda film A special nationwide screening of an ‘Autism Friendly Films’ showing of Mr Popper’s Penguins (PG) will take place at cinemas all over the place at 11am on Thursday 11th August More

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