November 2016

Change that environment! How autism friendly is your school, college, centre? People with autism have a different sensory, and perceptual view of things. Get some good advice. More

Not parents fault You may have seen it. The headline that says, “super-parenting improves children’s autism.” Besides being grammatically incorrect, it’s insulting. More

Big Bill The "door is very much open" for the introduction of a law to guarantee the rights of autistic people in Wales, the Welsh Government has said. England and Northern Ireland have had legislation for a while. Campaigners and charities have called on the government to introduce an Autism Bill in the assembly. More

Tap into talents “I didn’t realise, when I introduced John to computing, the extent to which it would contribute to his happiness. If you're unfortunate enough to be in a position where your abilities are very patchy, you will be continually aware of your failings and your feelings of self-worth can easily take a severe knock.” More

Drugs and diets - big pharma remain determined It seems that researchers, maybe lured by the availability of drug company dollars, just won’t give up on the search for a chemical cure. More

Play palace A half-hour-long ‘playdate’ between a toddler and an adult could help answer a long-standing question about whether and how much a child with autism is interested in social interactions. More

Want to know more about play and autism? Keep your eyes open for The Big Autism Play Day! More

May 2012

Depressing news Could depression in young adults with Asperger syndrome be as high as 70%? A report from the University of Gothenburg seems to suggest this might be the depressing reality. More

Stand up and be counted Asperger's Are Us are a comedy group with a penchant for the absurd. How can a guy made of bubble wrap get someone pregnant? More

... Check out the
video of the “pregnant” sketch it’s a hoot

A question of the mind There is a heated debate taking place in France. It’s a news story that involves psychoanalysts, autism and a crocodile. Take a look at this BBC report and then watch the video at the heart of the controversy (don’t miss the crocodile - it is unbelievable and maddening!) Video

Talent If you haven’t seen the video of 6 year old Ethan Walmark (who has autism) playing the Billy Joel classic Piano Man you must be the only person who hasn’t. It’ gone viral! More

Undiscovered workforce Why is there such a high rate of unemployment among people on the autism spectrum? Smells like discrimination to me! More

... at the Danish company
Specialisterne , not fitting in is a good thing. The traits that usually exclude people with autism from the labour market are the very traits that make them valuable employees. More

Little bookshop - big titles you can order the best books on autism right here

Sensory approaches to autism We have teamed up with Hirstwood Training to bring you a winning package. On this one day course you get the lowdown on autism, get great sensory ideas and have a whole lot of fun doing it! More

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