August 2011

What will they think of next... now it’s the internet that causes autism! Stop reading this immediately - it could disorder your development! Funny because I thought it was geraniums. No dummy, it’s soap. I meant bananas. Doh! More

Here’s health Access to health and well being services for people with ASC is almost certainly not what it should be. Dial in the difficulty with identification and diagnosis of women with autism and you’ve got a problem. So, the Adolescent Girl’s and Women’s Wellness Initiative is a major development. Helping women with ASC to health and happiness is an important mission. More

On Target TARGET: Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching hosts a fantastic A-Z of resources which teachers outside the Lone Star State will find really useful. Guide

Risky Check out the new Health & Safety Guidance for schools from the the UK Government. it’s much smaller for a start -142 pages of the old guidance have got the chop. Leaving just 8...
One key area on which the guidance focuses is school trips. It aims to make educational visits easier to organise and provide teachers with more confidence to do so. See what you think.

Pronoun problem Autism brings with it a spectrum of speech, language and communication differences. One of which concerns pronouns. You know, the ‘I-we-me-them-they-his-her’ stuff. It’s not uncommon for people with ASC to confuse these. A child asking for a Coke might say, ‘She wants a Coke’. They don’t mean you they mean themselves! Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University think they know why. More

Play it again I don’t normally do this...repeat a story that is. But Aukids is such a great resource for families and the latest magazine is ace... so here’s the link again. It’s packed with positive stories and practical advice. Magazine

and on the subject of support for families this website is brimming with ideas and help.

Man Machine The 1956 movie, Forbidden Planet and Robby, the Robot left a huge impression on me as a kid. It’s hard not to be moved by Robby. So maybe robots can help with emotional engagement, communication and social interaction. Take a look at five of the best. More

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