November 2016

Change that environment! How autism friendly is your school, college, centre? People with autism have a different sensory, and perceptual view of things. Get some good advice. More

Not parents fault You may have seen it. The headline that says, “super-parenting improves children’s autism.” Besides being grammatically incorrect, it’s insulting. More

Big Bill The "door is very much open" for the introduction of a law to guarantee the rights of autistic people in Wales, the Welsh Government has said. England and Northern Ireland have had legislation for a while. Campaigners and charities have called on the government to introduce an Autism Bill in the assembly. More

Tap into talents “I didn’t realise, when I introduced John to computing, the extent to which it would contribute to his happiness. If you're unfortunate enough to be in a position where your abilities are very patchy, you will be continually aware of your failings and your feelings of self-worth can easily take a severe knock.” More

Drugs and diets - big pharma remain determined It seems that researchers, maybe lured by the availability of drug company dollars, just won’t give up on the search for a chemical cure. More

Play palace A half-hour-long ‘playdate’ between a toddler and an adult could help answer a long-standing question about whether and how much a child with autism is interested in social interactions. More

Want to know more about play and autism? Keep your eyes open for The Big Autism Play Day! More

October 2016

Really included? The sad passing of autism inclusion pioneer, Dr Mercy Heatley has me wondering what has actually been achieved since 1979. More

Now that’s diversity Want to keep up with the latest from the wonderfully (Neuro) diverse universe? You should take a look at this great site. Week in Neurodiversity.... More

Bad ‘medicine’ Doctors have warned of the dangers of alternative medicines after a four-year-old autistic boy was admitted to hospital suffering adverse effects from a cocktail of supplements. More

Let’s work In what's believed to be an Australian first, Curtin University is tapping into the unique skills of students with autism to help them find careers in the software testing industry. The Autism Academy for Software Quality Assurance (AASQA) aims to provide training and employment opportunities for students on the autism spectrum. More

And over here in the UK ProjectAspie can help employers find great talent in the autism community. More

Affleck gets autism In his recent film, Ben Affleck plays an accountant with Asperger’s Syndrome who works for a large criminal organization. In “The Accountant”, the famous Hollywood actor reveals the mechanisms behind the sophisticated and brilliant mind of someone with autism. More

Future Rosie many of you will remember Rosie King from her TED talk on how autism freed her to be herself. Well she’s on TV again! More

Fuss about food? Turns out that some children might be fussy eaters because of they inherited it. Wonder if this is true of autism too. More

Invisible me Autism impacts the lives of folk on the spectrum in ways you can’t see and will struggle to imagine. More

Autism has spoken Well done all the tireless voices who eventually got Autism Speaks to listen. Congratulations to the autism community on this victory. More

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September 2016

Art spectrum Niam Jain doesn't speak much. But ever since the 13-year-old picked up a paintbrush last summer, he's found a way to express himself, and the art world is listening More

Great courses Here’s a range of autism training opportunities to suit everyones needs. Use the summer months to plan which workshop is for you. More

Stand up for autism Like many stand-up comics, John Williams wanted to talk about his family in his show – but his son has autism. He explains why it’s OK to laugh during his act More

Pokémon Go Released in the UK in earlier this month, is played by users walking around the real world to catch virtual Pokémon animals. It appears the game's mix of real and virtual reality has helped to break down many of the social barriers autistic people feel when they are out in public More

Female fact there is growing evidence that more girls and women have the condition than was originally thought and that it is being significantly under-diagnosed. More

Thinking sleep Cognitive behavioral therapy is a short-term form of therapy that focuses on changing how a person thinks about and reacts to specific situations. Research seems to suggest it is effective with sleep problems in autism. More

More mental health Families of people with autism have expressed concern about a lack of research and specialism into treating mental illness. Four out of five people with the condition will suffer from mental health problems at some point in their lives More

Tough job Microsoft wants autistic coders. Can it find them and keep them? Job interviews can be especially hard if you're autistic. A Microsoft effort aimed at a wider spectrum of the workforce wants to solve that More

Autism creates Research has long shown a link between certain neurological conditions and artistic skills, which comes as no surprise to some creative directors. More

Finding friends When Bob Cornelius went to his youngest son's back-to-school night, he stopped to admire their projects displayed on the wall. He spotted his little boy's assignment and hurriedly snapped a proud photo of the completed questionnaire. However, when Bob took a second look at the image later that night, he realized something heartbreaking. More

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July 2016

Great ‘communicationship’ That’s what we will be talking about on a new series of workshops for parents and professionals. Using technology to get better connection and understanding with young people with autism is a great idea. Teaming up with Tobii Dynavox we will be ‘appy to show you how! Workshops are in Manchester and Birmingham

Taking it home A University of Manchester-led study is testing whether an intervention with parents and teachers can help children with autism transfer newly acquired social communication skills from home into school. More

Safe healthcare for all Nurses and healthcare workers have been issued with new guidance on caring for people with learning disabilities. The toolkit provides advice on health issues ranging from how to take someone's temperature to how to resuscitate them. It has been drawn up by social care organisation Turning Point with the aim of helping services improve the physical health of people with learning disabilities and their quality of life. More

No stereotypes please Somehow it’s seen as OK to caricature people with autism – they’re cold, they’re savants, they’re IT geniuses who fill Silicon Valley. It’s time to call out these lazy stereotypes that do real damage. More

Quest for quality services Three residential centres for people with autism have been taken over by the Health Service Executive at the direction of the Health Information and Quality Authority. An unannounced inspection of Dunfirth Farm, the biggest of the three centres with 34 residents, was triggered by a notification of significant incidents of concern leading to injuries to residents. More

Skills for hire What are the benefits of employing someone with autism? Many employers aren’t aware that people with autism, including those with Asperger syndrome, can be extremely well-skilled, highly qualified and employable individuals. More

Learn with BBC Some really good interactive learning resources to raise awareness and understanding on the BBC website. More

Great courses Here’s a range of autism training opportunities to suit everyones needs. Use the summer months to plan which workshop is for you. More

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June 2016

Play to learn Play provides some of a child’s first opportunities to rehearse social interactions, generate novel ideas, toy with symbolism and develop narratives — skills that serve us later in life, particularly in our highly social world. Indeed, children who engage in more complex play early in development show greater social competence at later ages. For children with autism, however, these opportunities do not present themselves so easily. More

Teachers get it Teachers will be taught how to support children with autism for the first time following months of campaigning from charities, parents and MPs, it has emerged. Campaigners have said that with more than one in 100 children on the autism spectrum and over 70 per cent of them going to mainstream schools every teacher will have autistic students in their classes at some point. Yet, autism training is not mandatory for teachers and some have no special educational needs training at all, leaving them unable to deal with complex issues that could damage a child’s education. More

Super Sensory 1k! Part of Parallel London, this race encourages participants to exercise their senses over a course comprised of a multitude of sensory experiences. Use the code ”positive” in the coupon box to get a 20% discount! More

Autism’s a drama A coming-of-age documentary about a man with autism is set to debut at theatres across the US this summer. “Life, Animated” will be released starting July 1 at movie theatres in New York and Los Angeles, with at least a dozen other markets already committed to showing the film later in July and August. The film is based on the best-selling book “Life Animated: a story of Sidekicks, Heroes and Autism” by Pulitzer Prize-winner Ron Suskind about his son, Owen, who has autism. More

That’s quality! People with a learning disability are being asked to contribute to new tests that will help improve NHS services ranging from dentistry to acute care, NHS England has announced.The NHS Quality Checkers programme employs people with a learning disability to inspect local NHS services and provide advice on how they can better meet their needs and those of other patients. More

SAP and autism’s strengths Cloud and software company SAP has employed 100 members of staff who are on the autistic spectrum through a targeted recruitment initiative. The tech giant’s diversity director urges firms to ‘look beyond the qualifications and interview skills’ that autistic people struggle with. More

Mask for the world “It doesn’t matter if a kid is high or low functioning, they are a person, a conscious person who simply operates on different rules than you. It’s not their fault you don’t get it. High-functioning people are sometimes lucky enough to learn how to hide it. That’s the mask. The fact that we have to hide, that we ever felt we wouldn’t be accepted for who we are, is a tragedy.”. Read this great blog on Wrong Planet. More

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