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Back to the future Take a look back at the research headlines from 2021 More 

Searching for support "It can be extremely challenging when Jack has a meltdown and it limits what we can do as a family and the places we can go because a lot of places aren't equipped for children with autism. It has left us feeling frustrated and still lost." More

Schools out What effect have the covid school closures in 2020/21 had on autistic learners? More

World’s Strongest Man “I always wanted to be successful for the people that have additional needs. I’ve done a lot of talks on it and I want everyone to know that, just because we’ve got a label on our heads, it doesn’t mean that you are different from anyone else, we’ve just got that additional hurdle we have to get over.” More

Motor missing Clinicians and scientists have described motor skill differences since the earliest conceptualizations of autism, yet these differences are not always considered as core to the diagnosis. More

Art of autism An artist famed for creating microscopic sculptures said his autism has inspired his success. Willard Wigan MBE, 64, was diagnosed when he was 50, but believes his mother knew he struggled at school and encouraged him to create his tiny works of art. More

Autism Works People with autism are being left behind today, with only 16 per cent in full-time employment. This inspiring book addresses the lack of understanding of the wonderful contributions people across the autism spectrum can make to the workplace. More

Same difference “In the viral video of an autistic man at his brother’s wedding, I saw my sister and me.” More

<![CDATA[AUTISM NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2021                                  COMMENT]]>Tue, 07 Dec 2021 11:44:54 GMThttp://positiveaboutautism.co.uk/autism-news/autism-newsletter-december-2021-commentSecure silence The UK government has kept an autistic man in a secure hospital for half his life, and used the courts to silence his parents. More

Sleep study At the age of eight, Chase Mazurek has rarely had a good night's sleep. He has autism and ADHD and has trouble falling asleep, wakes in the night and gets up about 4.45am. His mother, Melanie, says it's been exhausting and has taken a toll on relationships and family life. More
Including us Much more must be done to make workplaces more inclusive for autistic people, according to Edinburgh-based Auticon, after it found that one in ten workers with the condition does not feel able to reveal their diagnosis at work. More
Getting a feeling For some of our children understanding emotions is particularly hard.  They may have communication challenges or struggle to read their own internal and physical signals.  Some of our children have high anxiety and therefore have a huge challenge when it comes to regulating their emotions. More
It’s about me ‘People said I was weak, lazy and fussy. I’m not – but I am autistic’. The late diagnosis of Melanie Sykes and Christine McGuinness came as no surprise to those who, like Sara Gibbs, have trodden the same path. More
Safe online Online dating can be an avenue for autistic people to meet new friends and potential romantic partners, but it brings with it some pretty serious dangers. People who you meet via online dating sites may not always be who they seem. More
Zayne’s world “At the beginning, life was really stressful and confusing, mixed with long waiting lists and no answers. We just wanted to be able to help Zayne the best we possibly could, but with very little knowledge and understanding of what he needed, it proved almost impossible to know what to do for the best.” More
Support for signing SignTown is an interactive web game built to help people to learn about sign language and Deaf culture. It uses machine learning to detect the user's ability to perform signs learned from the game. More
New numbers Autism rates are increasing yet again, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which finds for the first time that more than 2% of American children have the developmental disability. More
Giving voice Sean Porter made an app for non-verbal children and those with autism like his brother to help them communicate. More
It shouldn’t happen to a vet Mental health researchers at the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science are calling for participants for a study on how workplace stressors affect staff who live with autism. More
Capturing the spectrum Hoping to challenge misconceptions among the neurotypical, photographer Mary Berridge has spent more than five years capturing photographs of young people with autism. More
Right to write Nick McAllister found his words after a tough time looking for employment as an autistic writer. More
From science to support Working as a speech-language pathologist back in the early 2000s, Andrew Whitehouse saw one family after another struggling to get good care for their autistic children, some of them pursuing pricey, unproven therapies. More

<![CDATA[AUTISM NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2021                               COMMENT]]>Tue, 16 Nov 2021 12:31:54 GMThttp://positiveaboutautism.co.uk/autism-news/autism-newsletter-november-2021-commentTry this There have been plenty of newcomers welcomed to the sport of rugby at the Palace Grounds in Armagh over the past five weeks. This comes after local autism support group, More Than Words, teamed up with Rugby Cubz NI, who provide modified rugby activities for children with autism and additional needs. More

Gut news A collaborative Australian study has challenged the increasingly popular theory that gut health drives autism and rejected the use of fad diets and so-called therapies such as faecal transplants. More

Seeking acceptance People on the autism spectrum often face discrimination and other challenges in everyday life. In Bulgaria, activists are working to raise awareness and reduce stigma. More

Pandemic problems For adults and children on the autism spectrum, getting a COVID-19 vaccine is easier said than done. More

Autistic images When photographer Mary Berridge’s son was diagnosed with Asperger’s, she began to see his world in a new light. She set out to capture a series of everyday – and exceptional – stories, one image at a time. More

That’s our business  In this podcast Toni Boucher (author and autistic self-advocate) describes her “AUntrepreneur” programme which helps young adults launch their own businesses. More

Sensory search Since sensory differences became part of the diagnostic criteria for autism in 2013, an increasing number of autism researchers have been drawn to the thalamus. What is it and what does it have to do with autism? More

Meeting Melanie “There’s a sense of relief about it and a sense of mourning. Not because I don’t want to be who I am, it’s that I wish I’d known sooner so I could have understood exactly why things were rolling the way they were rolling". More

Access to work An autistic woman said her experience of work was traumatising and more consideration was needed for neurodiverse employees. More

<![CDATA[October 25th, 2021]]>Mon, 25 Oct 2021 16:25:43 GMThttp://positiveaboutautism.co.uk/autism-news/october-25th-2021Not a crime Listen to Tom Oliver’s TED Talk on why autistic people are caught up in the justice system. More
Recruitment fair? There’s no doubt, that for large employers, high volume recruiting is a useful tool but it’s also true that one size doesn’t fit all, and nowhere is that more painfully obvious than with job applicants with conditions such as autism, ADHD or Tourette’s Syndrome. More
Media mess up Articles on TV and in the print media can be damaging! Autism can’t be prevented, nor can it be cured. More
Yes to amazing Sesame Workshop has announced its expansion of the ‘Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children’ initiative with new resources More
Sensory salad “As a child my mum thought I was deaf and blind”. Paul Isaacs explains some of sensory effects of his autism. More
You get me? New research suggests that children with autism struggle with the feelings of others because they might not use context to identify underlying emotions. More
Seeing like a child “My toddler loves her autistic sister — and has helped me challenge my own unconscious prejudices.” More
Silver screen spectrum Looking WITH autism Sara Wheeler discusses autism in the movies. More
Empathy wins A nurse who created a Covid-19 vaccine clinic for people with learning disabilities and autism has received national recognition. Rebecca Crossley devised the sensory-friendly space for patients who may find syringes, PPE and a busy, noisy clinic daunting. More
Think autism “When I was twelve years old, I suddenly learned to think, all at once, on a single day. Before that day almost no one would have thought that I would ever understand the world around me”. Dan Bergmann on his autism, and a breakthrough lesson. More
Autistic access Since the pandemic, more of us than ever are seeking out green spaces. What can National Parks do to make the beauty of nature enjoyable and safe? More]]>
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​iPhones and autism Apple are reportedly working on an algorithm that will work with the camera in an iPhone to detect autism in children. More

Sibling story "I left a dream job to be closer to my autistic twin. The pandemic has forced many of us to rethink our lives, not least of which is how we work. For me, it meant returning home". More

Mental health New research highlights the quality of life and mental health issues of adults with autism More

Strength of the spectrum Daniel Sobel asks what would happen if we shifted our mindset and attitude – from thinking of the barriers of SEN to considering the strengths and skills that SEN can give students. More

Universities meet challenge Universities are becoming more autism-friendly with staff receiving training in autism, specific calm spaces created on campuses and advice and videos for autistic students. More

High fives for autism A mum has written an emotional letter to an Asda in Wigan, thanking a member of staff for his act of kindness towards her five-year-old son  with autism. More

Play help A mum from Croydon is speaking out as she seeks better support for autistic kids outside of school. Neve Knight said that while there are options to keep children entertained and active in Croydon during the day, precious few offer adequate support for SEN kids with specific conditions such as her five-year-old son Brody's autism and ADHD. More

Finding me “Dinosaurs didn’t only make our boy happy, they gave us a window into Ted’s world." ​How dinosaurs have transformed the life of Ted, a little boy with autism. More

Accessible art An art exhibit in Edmonton looked a little different this month, the lights were dimmed and the music lowered to provide a sensory-friendly experience. The small changes made a big difference for families with autistic children. More

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Rebel on the spectrum ‘People like me have a very aggravated sense of injustice’ More

Strategic intent England has a new autism strategy. Five things you need to know about the Government’s new autism strategy for England​. More

Tackling tough Covid, fostering, autism and football – midfielder Shaun Byrne opens up on difficult 10 days with the virus. More

​Ways to work A foundation is helping people on the autistic spectrum gain qualifications and jobs in the IT sector as software testers. More

Finding each other Writer Joanne Limburg diagnosed with autism at 42 reflects on motherhood. More

Hidden histories Over the past two decades, our cultural understanding of autism and what it means to be autistic has grown - though we have a long way to go. But there are entire generations of people who grew up when the popular conception of autism was a far cry from how it’s now understood. More

Thinking of others Cameron McIntosh has worked for weeks by himself to improve Dundonald — cleaning up litter, broken glass and dog poo. More

Holiday reading: The Passionate Mind In entirely accessible terms, Wendy Lawson lays out her groundbreaking theory of Single Attention and Associated Cognition in Autism (SAACA), an approach that explains autism in terms of the unique learning style of individuals on the autism spectrum. More

Reel life A Cumbrian filmmaker is preparing to show off a new film inspired by her experiences with neurodivergency. Sophie Broadgate asked women and non-binary people with autism to contribute to the film where their experiences will be shared and explored. More

<![CDATA[AUTISM NEWSLETTER JULY 2021                                      COMMENT]]>Mon, 19 Jul 2021 11:11:39 GMThttp://positiveaboutautism.co.uk/autism-news/autism-newsletter-july-2021-commentStory time Try this easy to use interface for creating and saving your own social stories or visual schedules More

College lifeline  This university programme helps autistic students navigate the social and academic world of higher education More

Autistic strength Nathias Frederick opens up on dealing with Asperger's and speech problems as he tackles latest MMA challenge More

Not weird "I was born in what I like to call a time before there was such a thing as autism." After a late diagnosis J.R. Reed shares his journey to becoming an autism self-advocate. More

Searching for sleep Beyond the well-established importance of high-quality sleep to general health, providing support and therapy to improve sleep quality in autistic children also may help them develop better behavioral regulation as they grow older. More

Autism fine focus "If I wasn’t autistic, would my encyclopedic knowledge of dinosaurs be a problem?". Some models of autism frame special interest as something unsettling and obsessive. This is an unfair double standard. More

Get over us "It’s difficult being autistic in a neurotypical world. Some of us live in secret, others loud and proud, but we are united by a self-evident truth that we should be treated equally". More

Autistic on the inside "Autism runs in my family. My personal and professional partner David is autistic, as are his three grown children. Between my work, advocacy, and family life, I’m pretty much immersed in autism!" An autism advocate shares the importance of parents immersing themselves in autistic culture. More

Finding our futures “Your child will never speak or live independently,” the doctor told Kimberlee McCafferty flat out. His words dropped like an anvil, leaving McCafferty shaken. “I remember thinking, ‘That’s a pretty damning statement to make when the child is not yet potty trained.’” More

You need to know Timothy Rohrer, a young man with autism, has authored a book about inclusion, and he aims to stock school libraries and educate all. More

Making 'unbreakable' Parents of kids with autism benefit from a programme of scientifically backed strategies to build acceptance, mindfulness, optimism and resilience - and to improve family relationships. More

<![CDATA[AUTISM NEWSLETTER JUNE 2021                                            COMMENT]]>Tue, 08 Jun 2021 09:15:09 GMThttp://positiveaboutautism.co.uk/autism-news/autism-newsletter-june-2021-comment A Jump in understanding David Mitchell on how translating The Reason I Jump for his non-verbal autistic son was a lifesaver and his excitement at seeing the new Matrix film he co-wrote. More

Grappling with autism Shane and Isham, two autistic wrestlers thrive on the mat. “The most important thing is it’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle for me. Wrestling is hard. It’s not easy but I love it.” More

Research gap Autism research funding has risen but still falls short of goals set by the US Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee’s (IACC). More

Recognising strengths Autism should be defined as much by the unusual pattern of abilities and strengths as the difficulties that go with the condition. More

Travel training Not all adults with autism will have the ability to travel independently. Those who can travel independently may not have the ability to drive on their own. But for those who are capable of walking, using public transportation, or driving, travel training can lead to greater self-confidence, flexibility, and independence. More

Home free A mum who has been fighting to have her son with autism released from hospital after 15 years has revealed he should move into his own home later this year. More

Sounds, smiles and siblings Babies with autistic older siblings pay close attention to adults’ mouths during speech, but they don’t reap the language-learning benefits associated with it, according to new unpublished research. By contrast, the more that children without autistic siblings watch speakers’ mouths as babies, the better they tend to understand spoken language as toddlers. More

More work needed  Robert Ward explains how he struggled through seven years of mainstream education and a lack of understanding in the workplace before finally finding a role where his unique skills were appreciated and valued. More

Autism friendly housing A new Lewisham housing scheme is helping young adults with autism live independently, minimising stress and creating a calm environment through design. More

<![CDATA[AUTISM NEWSLETTER   MAY 2021                                                 COMMENT]]>Mon, 10 May 2021 08:54:21 GMThttp://positiveaboutautism.co.uk/autism-news/autism-newsletter-may-2021-commentTeachers go free The Autism Workroom is a new in-depth online course for anyone who works in a school or other childcare setting. There a three, free modules to try. More

Working future Bounce Back is for autistic Londoners who recently became unemployed or have worked previously. Participants will have access to courses, workshops and one to one support to develop action plans and achieve their goals, with the aim of gaining employment or further training. More

The eyes have it A mobile phone app that tracks a toddler’s gaze as she watches short videos can distinguish between children who later receive an autism diagnosis and those who do not with 90 percent accuracy, according to a study. More

Autism at the Oscars Many Oscar buffs have noted the historical facet of Anthony Hopkins' win, but the 83-year-old also achieved another, quieter milestone: He is apparently the first openly autistic actor to win. Hopkins revealed in 2017 that he has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. More

Masking and Mental Health The vast majority of women with autism have a history of “masking,” or camouflaging, their symptoms. They do this in order to make and maintain friendships, fit in at school and higher education, and pass as “normal” in a variety of social contexts, including the workplace. More

School for the senses Sensory rooms, trampolines and gardens: a new project aims to support schools in creating a more inclusive culture. More

Further Education 3 lessons Covid taught us about learners with autism. More

Different strokes Australian rower Chris Morgan never let his autism get in the way of his Olympic dream. He competed at the Beijing 2008 Games, took home a bronze medal at London 2012 and represented Australia at the Rio 2016 Olympics."If I had a neurotypical brain I wouldn't have achieved what I have," More

Sibling support Having a sibling may help autistic people navigate their daily lives better, according to a new unpublished study. More

Just me So often I am judged on behaviours outside of my control. I will be called rude for not being able to talk, difficult for my sensory needs and overreacting for my inability to regulate my emotions. More

From advocacy to an app While growing up with her autistic sister, Amanda, Celest Austin grew to appreciate her sister’s way of thinking. Dr. Austin was alarmed how most resources available did not nurture her sister’s unique way of thinking but instead tried to reprogram her with products and services labeled as “cures” and “treatments”.  More

<![CDATA[AUTISM NEWSLETTER APRIL 2021                                   COMMENT]]>Thu, 15 Apr 2021 13:55:07 GMThttp://positiveaboutautism.co.uk/autism-news/autism-newsletter-april-2021-commentAt a difficult age Researchers are just beginning to learn what happens in the brains of autistic children during adolescence to explain their unique social, cognitive and emotional challenges More

Financial fight "You're literally having to fight people to get what you know your child is actually legally entitled to," Anna Geldard spent £20,000 fighting for the Education, Health and Social Care Plan (EHCP) her child is entitled to. More

Super supporters Volunteers and medics have been praised for the way they helped a woman with learning difficulties get her first vaccination jab. Lucie Willis has autism and epilepsy and her parents Helen and Mark were apprehensive about how she would cope with going to York's vaccination centre More

More autism Autism is more common in children in England than previously thought –  a study at University of Cambridge also found that prevalence numbers varied by ethnicity and levels of deprivation More

Video sharing Bristol group Autism Independence has launched a series of multi-language short films to dispel myths about autism in the Somali community, "We hope that our films, particularly the version in the Somali language, can reach many more families and reassure parents." More

Sensory shopping "As an autistic, I always need to take my disability into account when I make consumer choices. Something a neurotypical person may not even notice—a beep, a buzz, a scratchy tag—can overwhelm my senses". More

Sounds good Many children with autism struggle to find the words to express how they feel. But when it comes to music, it’s an entirely different situation. How can teachers incorporate music in everyday lessons? More

Positive pathways What do we know about encouraging employment and thereby fostering independence among autistic young adults? A team in Cambridge, MA think they have a few answers More

Help in mind 2020 hasn’t been an easy year for teens. Covid-19, exam cancellations and school closures have made it the most disrupted school year in 75 years. The folks at myTutor have some ideas about how parents can equip their teens with tactics and tips to cope with whatever life throws at them. More

Ideas please Parenting any child is challenging, but the joys and feelings that come with parenting a child with special needs are unique. Wondermoms is a great source of advice and ideas. More